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Sustainable design objects and furniture for your company, your office or your home. Change the way you show your company or your home with a green approach that is truly support the sustainability.

Furniture and design objects

Comfort combined with a modern style and design, to make the decor of your office, your company or your home unique maintaining the concept of sustainability for chairs made of recycled cardboard.

Design tables and desks in recycled cardboard that can be customized to be placed in the home or office, to make the environment more pleasant.

Sustainable furniture and furnishings in recycled cardboard, not in plastic and strongly differentiating for your workplace.

Show your approach to sustainability right from the first point of contact with a reception made with eco-sustainable materials, like those ones used by PaperEco.

Coffee tables.
Mini tables, with customizable dimensions, smaller than office tables and usable in
different contexts to show the sustainable approach of the company or the person.

During national and international expositions and events, you can customize the exhibitors with green and sustainable design furniture and objects.

Arrange a bookcase in your office entirely made with recycled and sustainable material, it will be the first thing your customers will notice.

Bottle holder.
Combine the bottle of wine or beer with the exceptional packaging of a bottle holder in recycled cardboard and sustainable material.

The recycled cardboard containers, useful and functional for any organizational need.

Paper Eco Design

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