Paper Eco Friends

More than a product, a project. To be shared and grown together.

Paper Eco is a product company and a sustainable design brand, but it is also and above all a partner with whom to share a targeted project.

Becoming Paper Eco Friends means accessing an already outlined path of initiatives, marketing tools and opportunities that we have decided to make available to those who choose us. In the conviction that there is no better force than a synergy to achieve a goal and make it grow.


Being Paper Eco Friends means having


Your Product Strategy

Consulting, analysis, identification and product development through a strategy tailored to your needs.


Your Brand Strategy

Enhancement of your brand in your website and with digital tools from Paper Eco and To Be Plus , Communication Partner Paper Eco, Social Media – Blog – Newsletter. Enhancement of your brand within the schedule of the To Be Plus Editorial Group.


I am a Paper Eco Friend

A certification of requirements that attest the collaboration with Paper Eco and the sharing of our values and choices.

More than one idea, many ideas.
Ours and yours.


The first Paper Eco Design Contest that
rewards your creativity by bringing it to life.

You have an idea? Turn it into an eco-sustainable product.

Cloud in blue sky

My Tree

And the planet thanks you.

With your Paper Eco purchase you have contributed to reducing
the release of C02 into the air.

Cloud in blue sky


Join us.

The planet cannot wait.
Say yes to immediate action to control global temperature
and greenhouse gas reductions.