How do we work

Interpret, plan and realize. Very fast deliveries.

Being ethic for us also means having a good relationship with our clients and respecting all their requests and needs.
To operate with transparency and a shared vision.
To value the skills and contribution of people:
The creativity of our designers and the knowledge of the client who choses us.
This is why we work using a shared and complete approach.

The materials, are low impact,
high recycling, No glue.

We chose eco-friendly materials, that are easy to recycle and do not harm the environment.
CARDBOARD: depending on the alveolature, it can be more or less robust. Today cardboard can be recycled in many different ways, helping lowering deforestation.
PP ALVEOLAR: alveolar polypropylene is a light material, hard and resistant to weathering. It is ideal for the outdoors. It represents a great solution that is fully recyclable and with high performance.
All the paper eco solutions do not use glue to put together components, and this facilitates recycling.