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Qualiy, innovation, ethicality. This is PaperEco.

Fund in 2016 PaperEco plans and realizes protective systems, exhibitors and objects of designs with eco-friendly materials, that respect the environment  and your well-being.

Paper eco has 3 specialized departments –custom, packaging & design– to interpret at best your requests. PaperEco satisfies the client request through a complete service, from the planning to the realization of the final product.

Functionality always
meets ethicality
at PaperEco

Our mission is to offer high quality solutions, with a high level of personalization that will last for a long time. And in the meantime, to lead our brand and our products to create something good for humanity, our future and the way we live.
This is why the team who builds the PaperEco solutions is usually formed by people who are parts of associations involved in social rehabilitation.

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